Music Ministry
Music ministers have the distinct privilege of leading, supporting and encouraging those assembled at liturgy to use their voices to pray in song. Sacred music keeps us more deeply focused on the Word and draws us closer to Christ. It has the potential to draw us from our heads to our hearts in prayer. This essential movement from head to heart in prayer nourishes the spiritual life. We select music that reflects the scripture of the day. We hope if you have the gift of music you will consider sharing your much needed gift will all those that attend the liturgy.

We thank all music ministers who serve at St Joseph's and St Paul's and hope you find this page helpful if you have any suggestions please contact the prayer and worship committee.

As you know, music is an intrinsic element of our Eucharistic celebration. Music ministry is intended to enhance and support worship – to inspire, not entertain, the congregation. The USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) states that “The full and active participation by all the people is the aim to be considered before all else…” The congregation of St. Joseph’s and St. Paul’s is very engaged with singing during liturgy. The bishops would be pleased!

Our music ministry involves musicians of all ages – from six to sixty plus! 

If you play an instrument, would like to cantor and/or sing in the choir, we would love to have you join us.
Please give me a call or see me after mass, even if you can’t commit to singing every week. We have several members of music ministry who have work or family responsibilities which limit their availability, but they join us when they can and we are so happy to have them whenever we can get them.

We have a youth choir that sings on Christmas Eve and a few other special times during the year. Finding time to practice has been a challenge, as all young people seem to be very busy. We have typically practiced from 10-10:20 on Sunday mornings.  

Finally, we have a dedicated group called the Resurrection Choir that comes together to sing at funerals. This beautiful ministry brings the joy of music and the sense of community to the mass of Christian burial.

Please don’t be shy. We are a very friendly group of music ministers and be assured that you will be heartily welcomed.

Joanne Farrell, Music Director
[email protected]