Prayer and Worship
The Prayer and Worship Committee seeks to enhance the liturgical life of the church by assisting with the development of prayer opportunities through liturgy, prayer services, evenings of reflection and retreat in keeping with the liturgical year.  The Committee provides prayerful support for liturgical ministers providing evenings of reflection and training.  They  help to create a prayerful environment and atmosphere in which our community, acting together, gives expression to our faith. 

Music Director: Joanne Farrell - 587-8229
Ministry Schedules: Margie Carroll -698-9000 - [email protected]

Prayer Line: erry Hoffman - 812-7898 - [email protected]

You know better than we do, Amused God, what important people we believe we are. Believing we have to be serious all the time, we miss out on the joy of your creation. Choosing to feast on the pain of the world, we skip the picnic offered in paradise. Clinging to the despair which is our best friend, we ignore Jesus. who can bring us home to your heart.

 Forgive us, Heart of Joy, and make us open to the startling, and upside-down, ways in which you work.  Fill us with Easter's laughter; fill us with your healing joy; fill us with the love poured into us through Jesus Who death could not contain! Alleluia!


The liturgical life calls us all to participation in communal prayer. It is a work of prayer made sacred by the participants who are living tabernacles. What we bring to it by our individual attitudes and presence enlivens the communal prayer life. Showing up and believing God's presence is at work in our lives makes a difference. The size of the contribution is not what matters. It is the intention with which it is given. Each contribution deepens the reverence, power, enthusiasm and vitality of our prayers. Our participation on every level is essential for a spiritually strong and healthy parish.

The liturgical ministries that we coordinate are the art and environment of the worship space, music, eucharistic ministers, lector, ushers. We hope if you are interested in being a participate in any of these ministries you would contact the church office and let them know and one of our committee members will contact you. 

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