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My Dear Parishioners;

The results are in from the survey we conducted last Sunday. There were a total of 236 respondents. 8 individuals had no preference whether to kneel or to stand during consecration. 73 individuals preferred to stand during consecration. 155 individuals prefer to kneel during consecration.

While I am grateful to everyone who responded to this simple survey; it was disheartening to read what some parishioners, who preferred to stand, wrote on their sheets. Most of the writings were filled with strong emotions of anger which is not appropriate given the situation and what we are considering. One would think they were asked to commit idolatry. This is the Eucharist we are talking about, the worship of God, which should inspire in us LOVE and not hatred. 

For one parishioner, who preferred to stand, but still wrote that, ‘my job is to lead and that I should do my job’. I will gladly lead and do my job, listening to the majority, who happen also to recommend the primary mode of worship/adoration recommended by the Church during consecration.

Above all, this is not about a fight, or about who is right and who is wrong. It is more about the sacrament of love, the sacrament of worship, and the sacrament of communion. My hope is that, no one will say that they stopped coing to Church because they were asked to kneel. Never forget that: “anyone who kneels before God, can stand before anyone”

Regarding the single chairs at the back of St Joseph Church: we hope that more of those who usually sit there will find room in the main Church; because are always empty spaces in the main Church during both the 4:00pm and 10:30am Masses. And if anyone must sit there at the back, and they cannot kneel due to disability – arthritis or any other medical condition – they can always sit with their head bowed during consecration. It is also important to know that the duration of the time of consecration is less than five minutes. No one has ever died at a Catholic Church because they knelt down for about five minutes during consecration. And if anyone dies during this period, be sure it will be automatic canonization as a saint.

Our hope is to begin this practice of kneeling during consecration from the first Sunday of Lent, which is the weekend of February 17/18. If this change is something difficult for you to do, pray, ask for the grace and strength of God; let it be what you will do for Lent, your penance and sacrifice, for the forgiveness of our sins.

May God continue to bless us all!

Fr. Simon

Jesus is tempted in the desert by Satan.