Our mission is to serve God and to welcome all people to God's love
Parish Office and Mailing Address:
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
3159 Route 9N
P. O. Box 547
Greenfield Center, New York 12833
Telephone and Fax: 518-893-7680

Office Hours:
Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  4:00 PM - St. Joseph's

  8:30 AM - St. Paul's Mission
10:30 AM - St. Joseph's

Obligatory Holy Days
  7:00 PM - St. Joseph's

Saturday 3:30 PM or by appointment - 893-7680

St. Joseph's
3159 Route 9N
Greenfield Center, New York
St. Paul's Mission
771 Route 29
Rock City Falls, New York

St. Paul's Mission
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Welcome to the Catholic Community of St. Joseph's

"Our mission is to serve God and to welcome all people to God's love"

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Dear Fellow Parishioners and Friends in Christ,

The Evangelization Committee is making great progress and has completed our first three tasks and we need everyone's help to continue our mission.

Happy Easter!

We are excited to provide the Easter gift, Matthew Kelly's CD - "Becoming the Best Version of Yourself".

This CD is a follow-up to our Christmas book gift, Rediscover Catholicism.  If every Catholic reads or listens to just one Catholic resource per year this will re-energize the entire Catholic Church.

"Becoming the Best Version of Yourself" reminds us that everything makes sense in relation to our essential purpose in life and provides help in avoiding the confusion and hecticness of life today.  Kelly explains the meaning of friendship, work, marriage and money, all in relation to our essential purpose.  He also demonstrates how understanding our essential purpose brings clarity and direction to our lives, especially in the area of making decisions.  Finally, he challenges us to reassess the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspecets of our lives.  Kelly invites us to make one resolution in each of these four areas... and he explains how these four new habits can transform our lives.

We hope you enjoy the CD and continue our Evangelization efforts by passing it on to your family and friends after you listen to it.

Our Next Initiative is a Big One!

Project Invitation - we are asking parishioners help in providing a personal invitation to families that previously attended mass, but for various circumstances no longer attend.

  • Basic information will be provided to parishioners to assist them into making it a positive call.
  • For example:  We haven't seen you in a while.  Is everything OK with you and your family?  There are a lot of good things going on at St. Joseph's/ St. Paul's and we would love to see you back in Church.
  • Please make sure you listen and reply to cues that are provided during this call as that can provide opportunities to continue your dialogue with them

We are confident that Project Invitation will be that spark to renew their faith and let people know they have been missed.

Thank you for your help in serving our Lord and welcoming our brothers and sisters back in His presence.

Please contact Tom Cronin with any questions.​

Your help is needed for Spring Clean-Up.  Please click HERE for info.