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Social & Hospitality Ministry

Social & Hospitality Ministry

The Social & Hospitality Ministry is an extension of the mission of St. Joseph's and St. Paul's, which states that we "welcome all people to God's love." Our ministry is how we do that.

The Social & Hospitality Ministry creates the occasions in which parishioners and guests alike are welcomed. Time and time again I hear people share that our parish is "so welcoming". This is partly accomplished through our Hospitality Hour after each Mass, which is a great casual setting to get to know your parish family.


Other activities that the Social & Hospitality Ministry is responsible for includes: the Parish Picnic and Breakfast with St. Nicholas. 

We are happy and proud to serve a vital role in our Parish Family.


For more information about becoming involved in the Social & Hospitality Ministry, contact Rebecca Cronin through the Parish Office. 


Father Simon's Mystery Meals

For the past few years, parishioners have been providing meals to Fr. Simon and visiting priests on the weekends.

Mystery Meals coordinator, Sue Horne, is looking for more families to join this ministry.  It is very simple, prepare one additional serving in your dinner during the week and package the meal (freeze if necessary) and deliver to the rectory or St. Joseph's church kitchen before 5 pm Saturday.  (Please include your name, what's in your meal and reheating instructions.)

Fr. Simon also enjoys breads, muffins, rolls, etc. as his Sunday breakfast, so we ask that you include something along those lines.

Also, other options are to invite Father to dinner at our home or out to your favorite restaurant.

Ideally, if we could have 30-40 volunteers, you would only be asked to participate once a year.

Please contact Sue Horne through the Parish Office.

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