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Liturgical Ministry

5 Liturgical Ministries

If you are interested in any of these ministries listed below, please contact the Parish Office.

See contact information at the bottom of this page.

Specialized training will be provided for each of these ministries.

Liturgical Ministry Schedules are prepared and provided by Monica Berrios-MeKeon.


Eucharistic Ministers/Special Ministers of the Eucharist: 

It is through the breaking and sharing of the bread that we come to know the Risen Lord.

This ministry involves the distribution of the Eucharist during Mass.



Through the hearing of the proclaimed Word of God, we come to faith.

This ministry is exercised by proclaiming the Word during Mass or other liturgical celebrations.


Altar Servers: 

This ministry is open to both boys and girls who have made their First Communion and have reached third grade. It involves serving at Masses and other liturgical celebrations.



This ministry is important in creating a warm friendly atmosphere when parishioners and visitors enter the church. It includes arranging seating for parishioners, preparing the offertory procession, taking up the collection and distributing of the bulletin.

Teens are welcome and encouraged to sign up for this great ministry.



Greeters assist and welcome parishioners and visitors as they enter the Church.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is an important part of this ministry.

Families can participate together.

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