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Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Our mission is to provide a safe, functional and welcoming physical environment

that meets the needs of the Parish and the Parishioners.


                                  Committee Chairperson: Mark Vanasdale

                                  Chris Caro                     

                                  Ken Hausam

                                  John Koch                            

                                  Susan Livsey

                                  Bill Marzano

                                  Mike McNally             


Specific items supported as part of Facility Management

of the Parish's two church locations include:







Join The Team: Like all of our committees, this one is staffed by volunteers that give their time, talent and expertise year round, in order to reduce the costs to our Parish of the maintenance and upkeep of our Buildings and Grounds.

*If you have any interest in joining this important group, please contact Mark Vanasdale through the Parish Office, or ask any of the members.

Robert Reinhardt

Phil Rice

Steve Theiss

Dorothy VanDenburg

Matt Walkuski

Jim Zanella

Tony Zanella

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Maintenance, Cleaning, Organizing




Subcontractor support/inspection

Utility System Maintenance & Upkeep

Plumbing               Fire Alarm

Electrical               Security Systems

Heating                  Lighting

Air Conditioning

Exterior Upkeep

Paving                        Painting

Siding                         Roofing

Mowing/Lawncare     Snow/Ice Removal  

Landscaping               Structural/Masonry

Garages/Rectory         Seasonal/Holiday

Interior Upkeep

Cleaning                Basements

Bathrooms             Attics         

Kitchens                 Halls             

Offices                    Classrooms

Garages/Rectory     Seasonal/Holiday 

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